Moving your wedding amid covid-19

Moving Your Wedding Amid COVID-19 Tips

Moving your wedding amid COVID-19 can be a daunting experience but here we give you some hints, tips and advice that may help make the process somewhat easier or at least you feel more organised whilst undertaking the task in hand.

But if nothing else don’t forget – Your day will come, and trust us when we say it will be amazing!

  • It goes without saying but only make arrangements to move your wedding if you absolutely have too. Watch the news especially the Governments daily press conferences to make a judgment.
  • Once you have assessed the situation contact your venue straight away (if they have not already been in touch). Most venue’s will be more than accommodating to move the date. They will work with you and your place of worship or registrar to rearrange a mutually agreed upon suitable date. Remember though that subsequent years will already be fully booked for the ‘wedding season’ which is normally from Spring to early/mid Autumn.
  • Try not to be so rigid in what wedding you originally had in mind, be mindful that it may not be the summer wedding you had originally intended, rather a winter wedding. But don’t be completely disheartened, a lot of the suppliers you will be using can supply goods and services to accommodate a winter wonderland wedding theme.
  • Once you’ve found a date with your venue and place of worship/registar, make contact with your other suppliers to move them to the new date.
  • Use a service like WhatsApp to create a group chat between you and your suppliers to discuss the new date and other arrangements.
  • If you prefer ‘face to face’ interactions, use a service such as FaceTime or video call on WhatsApp to discuss your arrangements.
  • If you have bought items for a ‘themed’ wedding – use them. There is nothing stopping you regardless of what time of year you end up having your wedding. 
  • Your theme may change but your guest list will not. Ensure that your guests are kept in the loop and given notification of the new date. Keep it simple with an email/phone call or a little postcard/letter. Your guests will be understanding and will be looking forward to the day more than ever given the circumstances.
  • Be mindful that some suppliers who make goods/provide services to a bespoke specification (such as a stationery supplier, florist and bakers) are notified well in advice of the new date to avoid any additional charges.
  • Change your insurance and work with your insurance provider to change the date of your wedding. If you have paid a premium they should be more than helpful to change the date and if you are lucky, without incurring a small administration charge.
  • Be organised and note what has been arranged and work through your suppliers one by one to ensure they are advised of the new date and any change of requirements that may be required.

Most of all keep calm. Your suppliers and venue will be more than willing to assist you in moving your wedding and to keep your custom.

From everyone at Unique Occasions at Loversall Farm, stay safe and we hope you are all well.

Moving your wedding amid covid-19

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