New Wedding Regulations

New Wedding Regulations

New wedding regulations came into place from 4th July 2020 after all weddings being postponed for 3 months due to COVID-19.

The weddings and same-sex civil partnership ceremonies are now allowed to take place up to 30 people in England as of 4th July.

With couples together with their families and friends eager to celebrate, wedding venues are being allowed to open if they can safely do so.

As with any wedding or celebration, a large amount of people come together. This is obviously when a virus such as COVID-19 can spread. Therefore, venues are being urged to open for up to 30 people, only if they are able to do so safely.

The guidelines state that;

  • Ceremonies should be kept as short as possible.
  • No food or drink should be consumed unless necessary.
  • Group singing and playing of instruments should be avoided.
  • 30 people are allowed for the ceremony but ONLY if it is safe to do so – social distancing should remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind, keeping 1m apart.
  • The 30 people should include the happy couple, the officiant and anyone not employed by the venue such as a videographer.
  • It is”strongly advised” that receptions do not take place afterwards, with only small celebration of 6 people outside or 2 households taking place.
  • The venue has to keep a temporary record of everyone in attendance for 21 days for ‘track and trace’ purposes.
  • Many more restrictions such as tapped floor, hand wash, limited people handling the rings, no raised voices to name but a few are also to be adhered to.

However despite these new provisions being made by the Government, many couples feel that their day would be completely different to than that they imagined. Therefore more and more couples have now postponed their wedding until 2021.

Fortunately over the last 3 and a half months, Unique Occasions have worked tirelessly to provide alternative dates for all our happy couples with all our weddings this year, up to September, being postponed to another date.

Unlike some venues that have been reported in the media over the recent months, Unique Occasions has ensure that we do not profit from the pandemic, keeping those wedding moved at the same price to which was initially agreed when booking.

Those weddings at the latter end of the year are ‘watching this space’ with many hoping their weddings can still take place if the easing of restrictions occurs even more so.

We want to ensure that whatever happens our couples will have their dream wedding at our unique venue.

We are in this together……Stay Safe!

New Wedding Regulations

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