Proactive Action Against Coronavirus

Proactive Action Against Coronavirus

We’re taking proactive action against Coronavirus by getting the training we need.

We want to make sure our guests and employees are confident in attending Unique Occasions at Loversall Farm.

Training and knowledge are key to any aspect of life and never more so than in todays current pandemic. 

Through various online training courses we are taking the appropriate actions and contingencies to provide a checklist of actions to consider, implement and to communicate to our employees and our guests.

Our first course has been sourced through CPL Learning which has been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and in collaboration with David Edwards, of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

In this course we learned and are now able to;

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Understand how the infection spreads
  • Consider the potential impact on our business
  • Identify the main areas to consider and plan for contingency
  • Implement the most up-to-date hygiene advice for our business

By doing these online courses and acquiring the knowledge and skills required to deal with such an epedemic we can;

  • Protect our employees
  • Protect our guests
  • Ensure confidence in all whom attend Unique Occasions at Loversall Farm that they are as well protected, as reasonably possible, whilst visiting
  • Adapt to the change this pandemic brings to our normal daily life
  • Ensure the sustainability of our business whilst making couples dreams a reality

By undertaking the appropriate training, when our time is ready to open our doors again we will be fully prepared for the new normal life we will lead.

Stay safe and stay well from everyone at Unique Occasions at Loversall Farm.

Proactive Action Against Coronavirus

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